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The Arizona Republic is the largest daily newspaper in the state of Arizona. It is owned by the Gannett newspaper chain. It sells a daily copy of the paper for $2. The newspaper costs $3 on Sundays and $5 on Thanksgiving. The newspaper is published in Phoenix and serves the entire Phoenix metropolitan area. It has a circulation of around 100,000 and is available in both Spanish and xfire English.

The Arizona Republic is a hick newspaper thoughtco that tries to act like a major-league newspaper. However, its reporting is suburban and is geared towards the Fox TV audience. The Arizona Republic has largely been a mouthpiece besteducationweb for President Trump. It believes what he says. It does not have a balanced perspective.

The Arizona Republic is Arizona’s largest hdnewspagal daily broadsheet newspaper. It was formerly owned by Gannett until August 2019 when it was acquired by Gatehouse Media. It is funded by paid subscriptions and advertising. It records 11.4 million monthly visits. Its content is aimed at both residents of Arizona and tourists to the area. newsfie

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